Your new favorite place to come share a drink and help change the world

100% of our profits support at-risk youth

Mountain Goat exists to provide life changing opportunities to at-risk youth all over Greenville. We partner with over 40 local organizations to provide free outdoor trips, mentoring and job opportunities for middle and high students through our partner organization, GOAT.  Every single purchase supports these students. 

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The most fun way to give back

At Mountain Goat, every single purchase helps provide outdoor trips, mentoring and jobs for at-risk students. Drink up, you’re changing the world.

Craft beer (and wine)

We have a pretty massive selection of craft beer and wine. With over 40 offerings, we’ve got something for every preference. Whether you’re looking for a new IPA to punch you in the mouth, a smooth pilsner, a perfectly balanced cider,  or to wind down with this season’s tastiest stout –  we’ve got what you want. Enjoy one here, or grab a 6 pack for home. Oh yea, and it’s all in cans – we’re trying to keep everything possible out of the landfill – they’re also great for packing in (and out) of the woods. 


We don’t play around with coffee. We’re proud to offer a variety of drinks, whether you’re a purist or looking for something sweet we’ve got the whole spectrum covered. 

And we’re proud to say we only serve the best coffee around, from our (local) friends at Methodical Coffee

Want a free cup of coffee?

Bike Shop

Whether you’re interested in getting into cycling (road or mountain) or you’ve been riding your whole life, we’re here to help.


If you’re interested in getting into cycling for the first time, we’re here to help you choose the right bike and try it out before you commit to a big purchase. We carry brands we believe in, and brands that last.


Having your bike worked on can be intimidating. It doesn’t need to be. We’re here to help you figure out what’s wrong with your bike and we use technology to keep you updated on the status of your bike.


We don’t just want to work on your bike, we want to make sure you know how your bike works and how to best keep it running. We provide a variety of maintenance classes, as well as skills clinics to keep you sharp.