Let's change the world together.

Mountain Goat has a long, wandering backstory, but we’ve always existed solely to have an impact on youth in our community. 

What is it?

That’s a great question. At the end of the day, Mountain Goat is all of us. Because 100% of our profits support at-risk youth in our community, every single purchase from every single customer is a part of changing our community around us. 

We fund a local organization, GOAT, which partners with over 40 organizations in our community to provide free outdoor experiences, mentoring and job training for at-risk middle and high school students. 

Our goal is to help these students connect with a mentor, graduate from high school, and learn how to get a job. 

Why coffee? Or beer? Or bikes?

There’s not much in life more universal than gathering around food and drink. Over the past decade of serving at-risk youth we’ve seen support from all over our community and beyond. The way we serve students is very unique and very involved. Over and over we see people who want to support the kids that we work with but maybe don’t have the time or resources to do so.

That’s why we wanted to make helping out something as easy as grabbing a cup of coffee or a beer with a friend. So every time you visit Mountain Goat, you’re an active participant in life change.

And bikes, well, who doesn’t love bikes? There is a bit more to it…

Owners, Ryan & Chrissy McCrary
Mountain Goat has a dedicated, friendly staff who will be most likely to serve your coffee or make a beer recommendation. Our owners, Ryan and Chrissy have owned Mountain Goat since 2016. Chrissy manages the shop day-to-day and Ryan makes sure all the beer tastes good.